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Complimentary Breakfast Box

At booking, you are able to select and customise your Breakfast Basket.
1 per stay (for 2 adults), irrespective of number of nights booked.

Choose from:

  • Local smoked Back Bacon or Veggie/Vegan Sausages

  • Local eggs

  • Tomatoes & Mushrooms

  • Local Bread

  • Granola

  • Choice of milk / oat milk / almond milk

  • Can of Heinz Beans

  • Selection of Jams, Honey, Marmalade, Marmite and Nutella

  • Butter portions

All stays include full unrestricted use of our Bethnal&Bec Larder. This includes:

+ wide selections of teas and coffees

+ wide selection of condiments such as ketchup, olive oil, salt, pepper, herbs etc

+ rice, gluten free pasta, pasta

+ cornflakes and shreddies

+ sugar, sweetener, hot chocolate

+ personal care items

+ earbuds & cotton wool pads

+ a tipple of gin and whiskey

(view the full Bethnal&Bec Larder here)

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