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Lazy Sundays

We believe in Lazy Sundays...


Our Lazy Sunday Policy means that when you book a full weekend stay ending on a Sunday, there is no check out time. 


You can either have the longest lie in ever & check out at 3pm on Sunday...

...or you can spend the entire day chilling out & leave for home at 11pm on Sunday night...

...OR, if you can - you can just go back to bed and check out on Monday.


The choice is yours!

The ONLY rule of the Lazy Sunday policy is that you must check out by 11am on Monday! Simple!


If you book a 2 night weekend starting on a Friday, we will update your booking to reflect this & any future emails from us will show that you have booked a 3 night stay.

The cost to you does not change!

Our Lazy Sunday policy gives you even more time to rest, relax & do things in your own, we have a family & don't want to spend our Sundays cleaning!

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