Honesty Larder & Dine-in Boxes

Honesty Larder

Think hotel minibar on a much grander scale.... and definitely without the silly prices they charge!

We offer ambient, chilled and frozen in-retreat pantries. Pay for what you enjoy via the i-pad in your retreat....


- Crisps, sweets, olives, posh pot-noodles, chocolate and biscuits


- soft drinks, tonic water, sparkling water, non-alcoholic spirits

Locally made Spirits

- Gin from Hitchin, Vodka from Ardley, Rum from Walkern!

Organic Wine Cellar

- Organic, sulphite free wines. Red, whites and prosecco

Frozen food

- Truly delicious frozen ready meals from By Ruby. Ice-creams from Dann's Farm.


- Bath bombs, Bath Salts, Locally made candles

Doggie Larder

- Eco toys, natural treats from our Butchers

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In retreat Spirit Larder
In retreat Spirit Larder
Hot Chocolate & Marshmallow Box
Hot Chocolate & Marshmallow Box
Boa Bun Dine in box
Boa Bun Dine in box
Free larder
Free larder

Dine-in Boxes

You can pre-order the following locally sourced meal packs that will be ready and waiting for you to cook in your retreat on arrival:

- Pimp my Pizza Box  Meat / Veggie / Vegan

- Bethnal&Bec Gourmet Burger Box   Meat / Veggie / Vegan

- Bethnal&Bec Bao Buns Box  Meat / Veggie / Vegan

- Local Grass Fed Angus Steak Box   Sirloin / Ribeye

- Bethnal&Bec Afternoon Tea Box Meat / Veggie

- Popcorn Partaaaaaay

- Gourmet Hot Chocolate & Marshmallow tray

We provide the BBQ or Pizza oven, and have indoor solutions for the winter months!

All our meat is sourced from Brookfield farm in Aston, Hertfordshire and our local Butcher in Buntingford . Grass fed, high welfare and locally bred meat. You can absolutely taste the difference.

Please note: the Firepod BBQ or Pizza Oven are only available for use when the relevant Dine In option is ordered. 

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Bethnal and Bec -21
Bethnal and Bec -21
Freezer meals
Freezer meals