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Dog Friendly Luxury Breaks in the UK

We know that a dog is part of the family and taking your dog on holiday can be a wonderful thing. Long walks in the countryside, snuggling up together in the evening and not having the stress of  finding a dog sitter. That's why we're proud to say that both our Bethnal & Bec retreats are both dog friendly accommodations.

The Foaling Box is strictly dog free.

What makes Bethnal&Bec dog friendly?

We don't simply just let your four legged friend come along on your luxury break, we give them their very own dog holiday with comfort, dog self catering treats and touch of pooch pampering. 

More doggie treats are available to purchase in our pantry. And we've got 50% off VIP  discount with Butternut Box fresh dog food. 

A dog amenity pack is provided with each stay which includes dog biscuits, throws, towels, dog shampoo & room freshener​.​

Your private garden is fenced (with stock fence) for doggie safety during your staycation.

And now, we have an outdoor Dog Shower! Perfect for cleaning up after long country walks.

Please be aware we do have a dog policy, that we expect guests to follow... not everyone that stays has a dog or indeed likes them. So please be sure to click here and read the policy if you're bringing Fido.

But what if I'm not a dog lover?

We know that not everyone is a dog lover so we have strict policies in place to ensure that our dog friendly retreats stay friendly for all humans too. Our Pet Policy is written for dog owners but if you're curious about what policies we have in place to ensure our luxury retreats stay that way then feel free to give it a read. 

We are meticulous with our cleaning regime (as you'd expect from any luxury self catering accommodation) and ensure that our retreats are perfect for both those staying with and without dogs. So if you're not a dog lover please don't be put off by our dog friendly policy, you'll never know a four legged visitor was ever a guest. 

The Foaling Box is a strict no-dog retreat if you'd rather stay somewhere that dogs haven't stayed / have allergies

Butternut Box Discount

We've sorted a great deal with Butternut Box fresh dog food to give you 50% off two boxes of freshly prepared dog food. Butternut Box are shaking up the world of dog food and providing the first class doggy dining that our four legged friends deserve. The food is gently cooked using fresh human-quality meats, vegetables  and the correct balance of vitamins and nutrients for your dog. And what's better it's delivered straight to your door every few weeks. Curious and want to know more? Use the button below to find out more and claim our VIP discount. 

A fun video featuring our family four legged friend ,Hendrix. 

A little demo from Chris & Hendrix modelling one of our new outdoor dog showers. 

Butternut Box Discount

Pet Policy

ONLY Bethnal and Bec are pet friendly. In each retreat there is a basket containing useful items for your stay: dog bowl, towels, throws, poo bags, and room freshener. As our rooms are also used by non-pet owners too, we’d be grateful that you leave the room as you found it.


 The Foaling Box is STRICTLY NO DOGS. Should dogs be found to be staying (or have stayed) the security deposit will not be refunded due to additional cleaning costs.


A £20 fine will be levied if dog poo is found in the private garden or if we have to dispose of used poo bags. Please check your garden before you leave! Not everyone that stays has a dog, or indeed likes dogs! Please be mindful of the next guests checking in and clean up after your dog. Thank you.


Please put any used pet items from those supplied by us into the Wash Bag provided. Thank you.


On our website you’ll find a couple of recommended local walks under ‘services’.


  • We have installed outdoor dog showers! These can be found inside the small boxes attached to the outside wall in your private gardens. Inside there is an electric shower to use for your dog, and/or your boots! Please ensure the water is turned off, and the insulated cupboard door after use. Please do not wash your dog in the shower in the bathrooms.

  • Both retreats have wonderful pay-as-you-go Doggie Pantry containing treats & toys. All prices are listed in your pantry list on the iPad.

  • A MAXIMUM of three well behaved dogs are permitted in the retreat by prior arrangement (unless we have agreed extra dogs).

  • Dogs should not be left unattended either inside the retreat or in the gardens. Even if your dog is used to being left at home, they can become distressed in unfamiliar surroundings. We have had dogs barking and disturbing other guests, plus chewing the furniture. 

  • Dogs are not allowed on the bed (unless you bring your own bedding by prior arrangement). Your dog can go on the sofa if you use the throws provided.

  • Dogs are strictly prohibited from the outdoor bath. Sounds obvious, we know! But...we had an incident and we don’t want it being repeated!!

  • You are free to enjoy our one acre paddock (where our orchard is). This can be accessed via the gate in your garden and through the wildflower meadow. Please note though that it is not 100% secure and has an entry into our garden. If your dog has a high prey drive (like our own dog), please can you keep them on a lead in the Paddock - we have a lot of wild game here including grouse and pheasant which can send dogs very excitable/make them run off. The paddock leads onto a footpath allowing miles of lovely walks.

  • You may not use the bath, shower, towels or robes provided to bathe and dry your dog.

  • It is your responsibility to clear up all dog mess during, and at the end of your stay. Bagged waste should be disposed of in the black wheelie bin behind the car port.

Our dog Hendrix, a black and white Pointer, is very friendly and curious! If you do see him around please don’t worry. He loves to say hello and run around with other dogs. Please let us know if this is a real stress for your dog and we’ll ensure he’s less able to run around when you’re staying!


We highly recommend downloading HertfordshireWalks App, as this details fabulous walks and normally includes a pub or cafe in the walk.


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Pet Policy
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