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Dog Friendly Luxury Breaks in the UK

We know that a dog is part of the family and taking your dog on holiday can be a wonderful thing. Long walks in the countryside, snuggling up together in the evening and not having the stress of  finding a dog sitter. That's why we're proud to say that both our Bethnal & Bec retreats are both dog friendly accommodations.

The Foaling Box is strictly dog free.

What makes Bethnal&Bec dog friendly?

We don't simply just let your four legged friend come along on your luxury break, we give them their very own dog holiday with comfort, dog self catering treats and touch of pooch pampering. 

A dog amenity pack is provided with each stay which includes dog biscuits, throws, towels, dog shampoo & room freshener​.​

Your private garden is fenced (with stock fence) for doggie safety during your staycation.

More doggie treats are available to purchase in our pantry. And we've got 50% off VIP  discount with Butternut Box fresh dog food. 

And now, we have an outdoor Dog Shower! Perfect for cleaning up after long country walks.

Please be aware we do have a dog policy, that we expect guests to follow... not everyone that stays has a dog or indeed likes them. So please be sure to click here and read the policy if you're bringing Fido.

But what if I'm not a dog lover?

We know that not everyone is a dog lover so we have strict policies in place to ensure that our dog friendly retreats stay friendly for all humans too. Our Pet Policy is written for dog owners but if you're curious about what policies we have in place to ensure our luxury retreats stay that way then feel free to give it a read. 

We are meticulous with our cleaning regime (as you'd expect from any luxury self catering accommodation) and ensure that our retreats are perfect for both those staying with and without dogs. So if you're not a dog lover please don't be put off by our dog friendly policy, you'll never know a four legged visitor was ever a guest. 

The Foaling Box is a strict no-dog retreat if you'd rather stay somewhere that dogs haven't stayed / have allergies

A fun video featuring our family four legged friend ,Hendrix. 

A little demo from Chris & Hendrix modelling one of our new outdoor dog showers. 

Butternut Box Discount

OurPet Policy

Thank you for choosing to stay with us - and bringing your four-legged friend(s) along too!


We'd be grateful if you could familiarise yourself with our dog owner requests, so everyone staying with us, has an enjoyable stay:


First up - We are dog owners ourselves, and know what it's like to travel with a dog. In our business, we also have non-dog owners/likers staying in these retreats too. So please read our requests below so that we can keep our retreats lovely for everyone

+ We've put a cover on the sofa so your dog can sit / sleep on it. It's there to protect our sofa, help with cleaning (it really takes a long time to get rid of dog hairs from it) and to reduce dirt. Please don’t remove it, and please put it back on if it becomes loose

+ We know its hard to keep your dog off the bed if they're used to sleeping with you. We've provided a large BLUE blanket to place on top of the bedsheets. We do ask that they don't get in the bed please - as again, the bed needs to be used by others after you!

+ Towels are provided to clean off excess mud and dirt after wonderful walks. There is an outdoor hot dog shower in the garden - this can be used for muddy boots and muddy dogs. You'll find it in the black wooden structure on the wall in your garden

+ Please clean up after your dog! Poo bags are provided. It's not nice for us, or our housekeeping team, to have to clean up after your dog. Please be considerate: bag the poo and pop it in the black lidded bin BEHIND the carport. If we do find dog poo that we need to clean up there is a £20 charge that will be taken from your security deposit. Thank you for your understanding on this

+ The meadow and paddock that you can see from your garden are ours - do enjoy them! Leave your retreat by your garden gate

+ Please be aware that Bethnal&Bec are both dog friendly. There may be another dog(s) in the next door retreat. Please pop your dog on a lead if you think that there may be any issues. You are responsible for your dogs behaviour. Thank you!

You'll also see our very friendly dog Hendrix around and about too. He's really friendly and will probably come and say hello, and then wander off to sniff somewhere..... he's very used to having many dogs stay with us, and is not aggressive. However if you think this may cause issues for your dog please drop us a WhatsApp



+ An easy off lead walk taking around 40 minutes can be found straight from your garden.... Out of your gate, across to the orchard, walk up our paddock to the gate at the top. Turn right and follow the footpath through the woods. You’ll see an opening on the right with a bench and a large wide footpath across a field. Follow that and bear round to the right at the end of the field and walk towards Cromer Windmill


+ We highly recommend using the free website so you can fully explore the area. It tracks where you are and shows you all the Footpath options around us and is UK wide


Remember to always close gates after you, and only stick to the legal footpaths marked


+ There are some wonderful Doggie treats & gifts in our Honesty Larders too - so you can all remember your time with us! Prices can be found on the tablet.


We really hope you enjoy your stay with us! Be sure to share pictures! #doggieholidayatbethnalandbec


Vicky, Chris & Hendrix

Pet Policy
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