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Curated Experiences
and supporting local businesses too...


Introduction to Sourdough

Sourdough baking is the most ancient way to make bread using flour, water and salt which are fermented using lactic acid bacteria and wild yeast. This process transforms the flour, giving depth of flavour and nutritional benefits.

In this hands on workshop, we will teach you the techniques of making sourdough bread but most importantly help you build knowledge and confidence around it: more than a technique, sourdough is about understanding the process.

You will make and bake your own loaves and have plenty of time to ask your questions throughout. We will break to have a taste of homemade seasonal savoury and sweet sourdough bakes.

4 hours £225

​Available Friday & Saturday Only.

Must be pre-booked with Stephanie


Buntingford Brewery Tour

Situated in the picturesque rolling hills of Greys Farm in North Hertfordshire, we were very fortunate to relocate here from Buntingford in 2005. Whilst many breweries are set within urban industrial settings for production purposes, the 100 + acre backdrop here supplies us with some of the most important parts to our processes.


Brewery Tours can be arranged for Monday to Friday (in advance) for a wander around the brewery as well as a tasting. Prices starts at £15 per person.


Some Saturdays are available (generally once a month) so please get in touch to enquire about these.

Bethnal&Bec Luxury Stays Curated Experience Amber.jpg

Pottery & Prosecco with Amber B

Come and join me for a glass of fizz in my studio on the Beds/Herts borders, where we will spend 2.5 hours together learning all about the process and techniques of pottery.


Whilst in the studio you will have the opportunity to hand build, glaze and throw your own pots! I will ensure your creations are fired and posted to you directly.

£150 for 2
Please follow the link below to book your class.

(include a note that you are staying at Bethnal&Bec Luxury Stays. A min of 24 hours notice is required to book/cancel class)

Rooted Wild.jpg

Rooted Wild - Floristry Workshops

At Rooted Wild we create mindful workshops and circles to gather, share space and connect with nature using creativity and intention. Each workshop or circle is designed using creative and holistic practices to create a safe, non-judgemental space which allows you to leave the chatter of the mind behind and let the creativity to flow.

Our circles are inspired by the ancient concept of a Women's Circle. Where women would gather in a safe, non-judgemental sacred space to reconnect with the feminine energy and share their inner wisdom and self-reflection. 
Our circles are open to anyone, not just women, who is wanting to intentionally connect with nature, their inner wisdom and release their creative energy.

£75 for two people (session lasts approx 2/2.5 hours)
(these sessions can be carried out in person or online depending on current social distancing regulations)


Learn to Forage

Hitchin Forager Jane Simmons will lead a socially-distanced foraging walk around the beautiful countryside surrounding Bethnal&Bec, seeking out seasonal wild food ingredients, discussing the properties of various hedgerow plants and how to use them in cooking, teas, jams and preserves.

You'll then head back to your retreat to sample some pre-made foraged jam and pesto and pick Janes immense knowledge on how to use your ingredients you've collected. 

2 hours from £150

Armstrong Shaw Bethnal&Bec.jpg

Armstrong Shaw X Bethnal&Bec

A bespoke mixology session...

Muddle, squeeze, mix & shake premium spirits & fresh ingredients making well balanced & flavoursome drinks whilst learning some fun facts & great techniques which will improve your cocktail game at home.

Make 3 cocktails over an hour choosing from a wide selection including Cosmo, Espresso Martini, Sidecar, Lost Boy & Vesper Martini.

All ingredients provided for the session.
Virtual course (via Zoom) for two for £75

To read more please follow the link below to get in touch with Paul...

chef naturelle_fermentation.jpg

Fermenting Workshop

Fermenting vegetables is an old way of preserving them thanks to naturally occurring bacteria. More than a preserving process, it is incredibly delicious and nourishing. The benefits are both culinary & nutritional.

The workshop starts with a taster of sourdough breads & selection of fermented products to excite the tastebuds! Then you will be making your own ferments: a traditional Korean kimchi and an amazing variety of fermented foods and drinks which you will keep and see ferment overtime (we provide the glass jars and containers).


We will be discuss gut health & why eating and drinking fermented foods contribute to our overall wellbeing.

3 hours £175​. Available Friday & Saturday Only. ​Must be pre-booked with Stephanie. Stephanie is available for bookings from January 2024


Larks Live Private Online Cooking Class

Create restaurant quality dishes guided by a top chef without needing to leave the retreat! We are so excited to be collaborating with Larks Live to bring this brilliant experience to our guests! Chris and I have enjoyed these during Lockdown, so wanted to bring the fun to our guests too!

Choose from a number of mouth-watering options from boozy brunches to tapas & tails! Once you are booked in, you will receive a list of ingredients (we can advise on where these can be purchased local to the retreats) to help you get prepared for your time with Tim.

Tim Maddams is a chef, writer, cookery teacher & presenter. Tim led the team at River Cottage Axminster, where he regularly appeared alongside Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall on the River Cottage series on Channel 4.  You may also spot Tim on various foodie shows, such as Sunday Brunch.   

Prices start at £100 for an hour's class.

chef naturelle_middle eastern.jpg

Plantbased Cooking Class

Passionate about reconnecting people with food through cooking classes and workshops, Chef Naturelle is a small business run by naturopathic chef Stéphanie. The dishes are plant-based and inspired by nature and its seasons with a focus on vibrant, nutrient-rich and sustainable food, using natural ingredients free of refined flours, sugars. All ingredients are organic and sourced locally as much as possible, some of which are homegrown.

Designed to give people the knowledge and the tools to develop their confidence and trust their senses whilst having fun in the kitchen! Guests can choose from learning to cook a delicious and wholesome 2 course meal from scratch or a themed class .

Prices start at £250 for 3 hours, including all the ingredients and the washing up!

Stephanie is available for bookings from January 2024

RainbowTasselGarland Cherry Pie.jpg

Mindful Making | Tassell Garland

Create your own totally on-trend tassel garland in an array of beautiful colours to decorate your home! 

2 people £25 per head

takes approx. 2 hours 

Rutherford Punting.jpg

Rutherford Punting | Cambridge

Choose one of our Cambridge punting tours & our chauffeurs will guide you along the stunning College Backs, as you learn Cambridge’s inspiring history and discover the secrets of the city. Dog friendly too!

We offer diverse punting choices on the river Cam including gin o’clock & our popular romantic tour for two with petals & Champagne.

We’re Cambridge’s newest official punting company and we’re focused entirely on hospitality and your city adventures.

Bethnal&Bec guests can receive 10% off all tours throughout the year, using the code: BB10

Booking is essential so please head to the WEBSITE to find out more!

Cypriot Workshop.JPG

Cypriot Workshop | Oregano & Olive

Paula is a passionate home-cook, who uses her Cypriot heritage to draw inspiration from the Mediterranean in her cooking. Paula has featured on MasterChef UK and Kirstie’s Handmade Christmas.

Join Paula for an Introduction into Cypriot Cooking where she will talk you through the traditional flavours and recipes of her Cypriot family and together you can learn to cook a traditional Cypriot dish.


Choose between Dolma (vine leaves stuffed with rice and pork mince or vegetarian alternative), Keftedes (pork meatballs, filled with herbs and spices) along with homemade hummus and tzatziki, or Pastichio (Greek pasta layered with bechamel and a meat sauce filled with herbs and spices).

All ingredients & a little goody bag included.

£200 per couple

Pannetonne Workshop.jpg

Panettone Workshop | Oregano & Olive

Paula is a passionate home-cook, who uses her Cypriot heritage to draw inspiration from the Mediterranean in her cooking. Paula has featured on MasterChef UK and Kirstie’s Handmade Christmas.

If there’s one thing Paula loves more than cooking, it’s Christmas. Join her throughout November and December for a masterclass in making Panettone. This Italian Christmas classic makes a gorgeous gift, or a great item to keep for yourself.


All ingredients included as well as a ribbon and cellophane to present your Panettone and Panettone baking tin to keep.


£300 per couple

Edible Christmas Gift workshop.jpg

Edible Gift Workshop | Oregano & Olive

Paula is a passionate home-cook, who uses her Cypriot heritage to draw inspiration from the Mediterranean in her cooking. Paula has featured on MasterChef UK and Kirstie’s Handmade Christmas.

If there is one thing Paula loves more than cooking, it is Christmas. Join her throughout November and December for a workshop in edible gifts. Learn how to make her seasonal pesto, tiramisu truffles and Christmas morning granola, as featured on Kirsties's Handmade Christmas.

All ingredients, ribbons and presentation items for your edible gifts included.


£200 per couple


Learn to Bellydance with Lana

Fun, feminine, feelgood bellydancing - whether you're looking to flow and reconnect with your body, or unleash your inner Shakira, let Lana teach a workshop just for you!  

Lana will start from the very beginning with bellydance techniques, dance with you to a wide range of music and teach you a short routine to put all your moves together!  No dance experience necessary and suitable for all ages and body types.  Have fun, learn to shimmy and discover a new way to connect with and love your body.  

Workshop available in person or online, for 1 or 2 people.

1 hour in person £60 / over Zoom £30

(longer workshops also available)


Wellbeing Experiences

We can recommend some incredible local mobile therapists who can come to your retreat & offer the following...

- facials

- massage

-sports massage

- reflexology

- yoga

-manicures & pedicures

What could be more relaxing than that...

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