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Our Suppliers

Copper In The Clouds

Our Suppliers Logo.png

A small tight knit-team, working from a farm in Hertfordshire striving to make the very best spirits and package them in a way that delights. What story do we want this liquid to tell? From celebration spirits to woodland walks, each distillate tells its own tale.


We stock Hitchin Honey Gin, Hitchin Lavender Gin, Hitchin Honey Rum from Copper in the Clouds.

Woof & Brew

woof & brew logo.png

Co-founders Steve and Lisa brought their expertise and passion for dogs together to bring the world's first herbal doggy teabag to the market in November 2012. More than 8 years on, WOOF&BREW products still have tongues (and tails) wagging. 

Green & Wilds


All about natural, healthy products for your pooch that you can trust, with good wholesome, honest ingredients; Superfood daily dog food, loads of 100% natural snacks and treats for dogs - and now cats as well. Plus some eco toys, natural chews and dietary supplements. 

With a reputation built on these values - their food has no fillers or bulkers - they don’t have to pretend it’s good, it really is!

We stock a selection of dog treats, chews and toys from Green and Wild.

Old Vodka

old vodka logo.png

A family owned and run business, based in the heart of the beautiful Hertfordshire countryside. Through hard work, a passion for the art of developing the perfect vodka and dedication to crafting taste. Old Vodka has gone on to win the coveted ‘Great Taste’ award, 2018 and 2019.


We stock Old Vodka’s Plain Premium Vodka.

Herbal Dog Co

herbal-dog-co logo.jpg

The UK’s No1 herbalists for dog supplements because they like you but they like your dog more!


We stock the Herbal Dog Co’s Shampoo, Dry shampoo and Ear Cleaner.

Ananda Foods


A small family business of Artisan sweet makers, based in the heart of Derbyshire.Established in 2008 after searching for gelatine free marshmallows for their children to toast on bonfire night and only being able to find one american company, they decided to start making their own in their small cottage kitchen. They proved so popular they now have their own dedicated production facility, all products are 100% vegan.


We stock Anandas Marshmallows.

Tony's Chocolonley


Founded in 2005 by journalists who discovered that chocolate manufacturers use cocoa beans from forced child labour and slave work from farms in Ghana & Ivory Coast. Tony’s Chocolonely wants to make all chocolate 100% slave free. Not just our chocolate but all chocolate worldwide.


We have a selection of Tony’s Chocolonely chocolate bars.

The Cheese Plate

The Cheese Plate  Buntingford  (3).jpg

Based in Buntingford, Hertfordshire, The Cheese Plate offer an extensive range of both British and Continental cheeses, specialising in Artisan cheeses. Run by a father and daughter duo, Toby (father), has been a judge at the World Cheese Awards 2012, entered The Big Cheese Challenge 2013 and was awarded The Le Gruyere AOP ‘Highly Commended’ for Cheesemonger and ‘Highly Commended’ Cheese Counter at the 2013 World Cheese Awards, first cheese business in Hertfordshire to receive these awards.


A choice of The Cheese Plate boxes can be booked under the ‘Pimp my Stay’ option.

Reborn Lifestyle

reborn lifestyle logo.jpg

Not only 100% natural but handmade in Scotland, Reborn Lifestyle focuses on using fresh, natural, essential oils to create their quality products, giving a real aromatherapy experience. All products have been designed to improve your body in both physical and psychological ways.


We stock a selection of Reborn Lifestyles Bath Salts and the Reborn handmade Dog Paw and nose balm.

Flawless - Proffessional Vegan Beauty

flawless vegan beauty logo.png

An independent, woman owned, cruelty free and vegan skincare company based in North Wales. Their zero waste range was launched in 2019 as they witnessed the effects of plastic pollution across the world.

All items are handmade in small batches ensuring the freshest products, all packaging is recycled, recyclable and reusable with no unnecessary plastics or excess packaging and all ingredients are researched thoroughly to ensure they are sourced responsibly, ethically and with minimal environmental impact.


We stock Flawless Sheet Masks .

Aromotherapy Associates

Aromotherapy associates logo.png

A world-leading, luxury wellbeing brand, specialising in therapeutic essential oil blends that have been carefully handcrafted to naturally help you sleep better, reduce stress, lift energy, build confidence and cultivate optimism.


Each of their signature essential oil blends is ethically and sustainably sourced and hand crafted by their Master Blender. He sources the finest natural ingredients and carefully combines the essential oils to create therapeutic experiences.

Marshfield Farm Ice Cream

marshfields logo.png

The story started in 1971 whe Will’s parents first came to Marshfield Farm, his Father would milk their small dairy herd of 50 Freisen Cows with a mobile milking unit out in the field. When Will returned from Agricultural College in the mid 80’s the herd had doubled in size and there was plenty of milk around, Will had always liked ice cream and even had a school business selling ice creams to his classmates so he decided to make it a proper business.

Long story short the farm is now 1000 acres or organically farmed land and Marshfields Farm produces over 30 ice creams, and even…….


We stock a variety of Ice Creams from Marshfields.

Marshfield Farm Scoops for Dogs


Scoop’s Ice cream for dogs is a frozen treat to get tails wagging.  Because treating the family means treating the dog too.



Sawuchay - Pronounced SA-WOO-CHAY, is a Hertfordshire based artisan sauce company. All the sauces are handmade with all natural ingredients in their small artisan kitchen in Welwyn.


Starting in their home kitchen the sauces were made in very small batches and sold at Hertfordshire farmers markets, and to local farm shops and butchers. Sourcing the finest ingredients from New Spitalfields Market, labelling the bottles by hand and personally delivering the sauces to their local partners, Sawuchay is a fully artisan kitchen.

Vintage Roots


With over 400 Organic Wines, plus dozens of Ciders, Beer and Liquers, Vinatge Roots started life 29 years ago with 2 friends Neil and Lance spending 3 months fruit picking across France and coming back with a boot full of cases of organic wine, the business and the friends values,  passion for good wine and organic produce remain as strong as ever. They have stayed true to their Berkshire roots but have recently moved to a farm with slightly more space to shuffle around and more greenery and cows to look at! 

Bramblebee Farm

Our Suppliers Logo.png

A first generation farming family, committed to tried-and-true farming methods but with an eye on innovation, that strives to produce the best livestock along with farm fresh vegetables and salad. Natural, Traditional but forward thinking, Eco Friendly, Using Native breeds, outdoor bred and right in the middle of the Fertile Fens. 


We stock a variety of meats from Bramblebee Farm for our Breakfast Boxes, BBQ boxes and Bacon/Sausage lover boxes. We also have special Bramblebee Farm dog treats!

Thomas Ridley

thomas ridley logo.jpg

Established in 1808 when Fenland Farmer Thomas Ridley brought his first grocery shop in Bury St Edmunds, the business has remained family owned throughout its 200 year history.


Since their humble beginnings they have grown to  become one of the UK’s leading independent delivered wholesalers. Working consistently to maintain their reputation for quality products delivering value, convenience and outstanding customer service whilst retaining the personal touch.


Holdsworth logo.jpg

Founded in 1969 Holdsworth have grown to become one of the most respected independent food service distributer's in the UK. Priding themselves on being experts in their field with over 50 years experience they strongly believe in the value of their customers, many of whom they have built relationships lasting years. 

Just William Butchers


Created in 2019 by William Gibson. William is a 3rd generation farmer, growing up on a farm in Hertfordshire,  he learned farming techniques from his traditional father and modern older brother. In 2017 William decided to train as a butcher, he identified that customers wanted a farm to fork meat experience; flavoursome, low mileage, quality meat which is a direct result of the animals lifestyle and diet. 

Cardona & Sons Spirit Company

cardona & son logo.png

Beekeepers who love Gin! They have lovingly created a London Dry gin infused with honey from their own hives within a ten mile radius of Hitchin. Copper pot distilled in small batches, a percentage of profits are reinvested into local biodiversity projects. Fancy a tipple?


We stock Cardona and Son’s Hertfordshire Dry Gin, Flowerbomb Gin, Marmalade Gin, 

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