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Staples Pantry 

We want your self catering stay with us to be as relaxing as possible so we've put together our fully inclusive staples pantry to use throughout your stay. No need to pack your teabags when staying with us! 

 Our Bethnal&Bec Staples Pantry includes:

+ wide selections of teas and coffees

+ wide selection of condiments such as ketchup, olive oil, salt, pepper, herbs etc

+ rice, gluten free pasta, pasta

+ cornflakes and shreddies

+ sugar, sweetener, hot chocolate

+ female personal care items

+ earbuds & cotton wool pads

+ shampoo, conditioner, wash, bubble bath

+ tea towel, cloth, washing up liquid, dishwasher tabs

+ a tipple of gin and whiskey

+ a tipple of alcohol free gin

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