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Sustainability Initiatives & Awards

We work hard to implement as many sustainable practises into our business as we can and collaborate with other sustainable businesses to take this further. We're extremely proud to have been recognised by both local and national awards for our sustainable practices and efforts towards becoming a Net Zero business. 

Sustainable Initiatives 

We have built connections with other small companies to share ideas on how we can all 'do better' when it comes to the Environment.

Every One of Us

Every One Of Us are a fantastic organisation all about small changes everyone can make to live more sustainably. Join in their Couch to Carbon Zero challenge to kick start your sustainability journey with small steps. 


From January 2022, we are delighted to be collaborating with Rewards.Earth. As a business, we have committed to planting 10 trees per month & we would love you to join us in a simple way of doing your part. You can now add a "plant a tree" extra when you place your booking (or retrospectively).

If we all plant enough trees to offset our personal carbon emissions footprint we will achieve our net zero target by 2030. Rewards.Earth makes it easy for you to play your part.

The planting in the UK is done through the Green Task Force which re-trains ex-Forces veterans which in turn helps them re-integrate into society as well as set up a business for themselves. So as well as living carbon neutral, you are also helping to support veterans who are recovering from PTSD & other conflict related issues.

100% of the funds will be passed onto Rewards.Earth & we will update you all regularly on how many trees we have all planted.

Rewards Earth.jpg

Worm Farms

Fancy a little weekend project?

We LOVE The Urban Worm and their tips on starting your own DIY worm farm. Check them out and get started on your worm farm journey as a way of managing organic waste. Let us know how you get on!

Sustainable Initiatives

Sustainability Awards

We were finalists in the National Recycling Awards 2021 Recycling Excellence category. We didn't win but to be a finalist was such an achievement for our work.

NRA Awards.png

We were absolutely thrilled to WIN the SME Hertfordshire Business Awards 2021 for Sustainability!

SME National Business Awards 2021 GOLD.jpeg
Sustainability Awards

Feeling inspired to stay with us?

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